Tuesday, December 22, 2009

1807. A Twinplex razor blade sharpener, inside it has two leather covered cylindrical stroppers, turning the handle "actuates the gearing and stroppers first in one direction and then in the opposite direction even though the actuating handle only turns in one direction." Patent number 1,206,315:

1808. A coffee pot tipper, used over an open fire when camping:

1809. A sound effects machine from an old radio studio for use by a foley artist, turning the top crank caused the rotor to rub against the canvas cover and made a sound like the wind. The cage part below was partially filled with stones and when the crank was turned it sounded like rain. By engaging the lever at the bottom and turning the top crank the boards at the back would be plucked which produced the sound of thunder.

1810. A corn drying rack, this was hung up by the end, then corn was stuck onto the spikes and left to dry.

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1811. This was part of an old wooden parallel jaw clamp:

1812. A Z-Bar isometric exerciser:

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